How to Analyze People: 21 Proven Techniques to Secretly Analyze People and Understand Body Language, Personality Types and Human Behavior (Unabridged‪)‬

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Imagine being able to secretly understand other people's thoughts and intentions. Think about the countless ways in which you could use this knowledge to your advantage. Imagine reading body language, word usage, facial expressions, and subconscious actions to always know exactly how to behave in a business meeting, how to talk to that girl, or how to successfully close a sale every single time. 

Analyzing people is something we all do on some subconscious level. Whether you realize it or not, you're always profiling the people around you. Being able to take advantage of this skill and control it can be a powerful tool to use at your own leisure. 

This book will teach you 21 of the best techniques you can use to secretly analyze people and learn more about them, the same techniques the most successful FBI agents use on a daily basis. Whether you simply want to understand people better, learn more about their motives, thoughts, and feelings, or develop deeper connections with others, this book will help you do just that. You'll also find real-life examples to better understand how successfully apply the techniques you'll learn.

You'll learn:

How to Effectively Read Body Language
Core Principles of Eye Reading
How to Understand Someone's Values and Desires Through Actions and Cognitive Thoughts
What the Way People Walk Reveals About Them
How to Identify Different Personality Types
How to Understand Someone Else's Thought Pattern
11 of the Most Important Facial Expressions and How to Read Them
A Simple Yet Effective Process to Rebrand Yourself to Be More Likeable
How to Take Advantage of the First Impression
How to Shape Someone's Perception with Your Body Language and Gestures 

Learn how to understand people's thoughts and perceptions and take control of the conversation.

Gene Blake
hr min
17 January
Leonard Moore

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