How to Build an Inground Swimming Pool for $5000: Step by Step Instructions for the Ultimate DIY Project (Unabridged) How to Build an Inground Swimming Pool for $5000: Step by Step Instructions for the Ultimate DIY Project (Unabridged)

How to Build an Inground Swimming Pool for $5000: Step by Step Instructions for the Ultimate DIY Project (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Are you dreaming of having your very own inground swimming pool? What if you could have a professional looking pool for under $5000? Interested? 

If you’ve ever considered building a pool in your backyard but were concerned about the cost, or where to start, then this book is for you. I will take you through each step of the way, from putting your thoughts down on paper, applying for permits to build your pool, excavation, laying the base, pouring the concrete, configuring the plumbing and electrical, forming the walls, waterproofing, tiling, and painting, then finally, filling with water. I will also explain to you what you have to do to keep your pool clean and the water in good condition.

Building a swimming pool may seem like an enormous task. But with this book that large task is logically broken down into an organized procession of much smaller ones. Each step is explained in clear and precise language and is never vague. At the beginning of each chapter you are given a complete list of tools and supplies needed for that step in the process. 

What you will learn from this book:

We discuss design, budget, tools and the location for your pool
We learn about the different options for excavating the site
We learn where all the rough in plumbing will go 
We examine the technical stuff like plumbing and electrical
We go into detail about pumps and filters
We build the walls and pour concrete
We explore the options for finish coat and how to apply
We go over the tile and paint job
We learn about backfilling the parameter and aesthetics
We talk about fun additions like a super slide and water jet

A word from the author:

Hi, I am Benjamin Mark. While in college, studying landscape architecture, I worked on pool construction crews to pay my tuition. After graduating, I started my own landscape design company. I worked in collaboration on hundreds of projects oriented to enhancing the outdoor lifestyle. We designed and built numerous pools, spas, and patio environments. I have been successfully operating for 15 years.

Too often I have seen the disappointment in the faces of my potential customers when presented with a design that is out of their financial grasp. Even scaled down versions of an inground swimming pool can be exorbitant. Sadly, I watched as their dream of owning a pool was shattered.

Are you one of those people? That is why I wrote this book. I want to help someone like you. I want to help someone who dreams of having a gorgeous swimming pool just steps from the house but not the huge stack of cash. Someone who tells themselves, ”I could build that pool if I just knew where to begin." Well, I have the know-how. Do you have the dream?

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