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Have you ever met people who have the ability to influence others to do anything they want? 

Chances are you have been a victim of such people who made you do something for them even when you did not approve of what they were asking, and looking back, you still do not approve. 

It is possible to think that some of the greatest influencers out there, especially those who influence people against you or your beliefs, are just bad people who were born that way. However, when you listen to this audiobook, you will discover that the people who appear to be naturally influential have developed their skill over a period, and it is possible for you to be just as influential, if not much more. 

The purpose of creating this audiobook is to help the listener to understand as much about influencing human behavior as possible. Like most things in life, it is possible for anyone, regardless of background, to learn and put this information into practice and become a truly influential individual. Learning and applying the skills herein will help the listener to win more friends and gain more influence over people even without having a form of authority over them. 

Some of the topics you will hear about in this audiobook include the following:

The difference between manipulation, coercion, persuasion, and influence
The principles of persuasion
Techniques/secrets to persuading others
Influence others by putting them at ease
Establishing a rapport and showing vulnerability
Using people's names in conversations
How to use humor to your advantage
Benefit of humor in persuasion and reasons why smiling is contagious
Become an attentive listener and connect with people
The chameleon effect
How influence and persuasion can help to win friends
How to interest people and win them over with your way of thinking
How to use positive influence and not manipulation to win friends
How to be a good conversationalist
Starting a conversation and listening actively
Types of nonverbal communication 

Would you like to know everything you need about influencing human behavior?

Download this audiobook and commence your journey to learning how to influence other people, making friends, and being a better communicator.

Russel Newton
hr min
14 April
Richard Mind

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