Inheritance: A LitRPG Space Adventure (The Last Enclave) (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $29.99

Publisher Description

Trapped on a derelict space station, Jake must destroy an alien infestation - or he’ll never see his home again.

Still reeling from the death of his parents, Jake finds a doorway to an abandoned space station in his grandfather's basement. But when he walks through, he discovers he's trapped there, and he’s got company. 

The station's AI enlists Jake to reclaim the systems needed to support life, but there’s a catch - he has only eight hours to complete the task or he’ll die alone in the cold vacuum of space. With only his trusty wrecking bar, work boots, and some basic survival equipment, he must defeat the horrific monsters that infest the station before his air runs out. 

But aliens aren’t all he has to worry about. Hidden in the station is a message that could spell doom for Earth, and the entire universe along with it.

If you're a fan of crunchy, sci-fi LitRPG with a healthy dose of base-building, then this space survival adventure with visceral combat is the book for you. 

Emmy-nominated Hal Rayle is one of the voice world’s most well respected voice-over performers. He has been creating, teaching, and developing characters for over 40 years. As a performer, he has created and re-created animation voices for: The Muppets, TMNT, The Transformers (G-1), G.I.Joe (G-1), Back to the Future, The Wizard of Oz, The Pink Panther, Superman, Batman, and a host of many, many other shows. Hal is the voice of the Predator in Predator 2, Ewoks for George Lucas, all of the Ghoulies in Ghoulies 2, and the list goes on. 

This is Hal Rayle’s first audiobook. This book opens up a new sound for the recorded novel market. Hal has created a new genre in his recording facility called “book imaging”. He not only reads the written word but uses multiple voices and a smattering of sound effects to afford the listener a theater-of-the-mind experience. That said...sit back and enjoy.

Kids & Young Adults
Hal Rayle
hr min
22 December
Shadow Alley Press Inc