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Interested in World War II? 

Ever wondered about what happened at the Battle of Stalingrad? What were the tanks used by the Germans? What guns did American soldiers use? 

This audiobook has you covered.

Filled to the brim with exciting information on the Second World War, listeners will delight in learning more about the greatest armed conflict in history. Listen about the tank fighting at Kursk, the might of British Spitfire, or learn about the dropping of the atomic bombs. This audiobook covers every front of the war, from start to finish. North Africa to Midway to Leningrad to D-day, no front is left unexplored. If you were unclear about how World War Two played out, this audiobook can help you get the facts straight.

Everything said is correct, and formatted to help the listener understand. Everyone from novice youngsters just getting started in historical learning, to more astute listeners who know their way around Normandy can enjoy the information. These audiobooks are also great for parents who want something their kids can listen to safely, in the knowledge their kids are learning something valuable and not wasting their time with bad or malicious entertainment.

This audiobook is divided into three sections in two styles. Each section covers different fronts in the war, starting with the Eastern Front, then the North African and Western European Front, and finally, the Pacific theater of operations.

The sections are split between historical explanations of facts and events, dotted with interesting trivia that keeps the event vivid and helps them come alive; things like what made the Stuka so terrifying or the T-34 such a good tank.

The other portions of the sections are lists that help categorize interesting trivia about the soldiers, tanks, and planes that took part in the Second World War. This allows listeners to select how deeply they want to get involved in learning at any given time. Find out about the harsh conditions of the Battle of the Bulge, or maybe just listen to some interesting facts about the Il-2 attacker, the choice is left up to the listeners.

Whether you’re a die-hard history fanatic, or just starting to get interested in the second “War to End All Wars”, this audiobook is perfect. Comprehensive, but not bogged down in unnecessary detail. Follow the war from start to finish and learn some fun facts along the way.

Steve Miller
hr min
28 August
Bluesource and Friends