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Intermittent Fasting Made Easy - The ultimate guide for easy and sustainable weight loss. 

This audiobook is designed to help you in everything you should know about intermittent fasting. You are about to find out how to get that body you really deserve. 

So many individuals complain about their wide hips, protruding belly, or their lean muscle mass, but nobody knows the remedy is not far-fetched; intermittent fasting - that’s the solution! 

The author, using his personal experiences and wealth of knowledge from his many years of research as a registered dietitian, will reveal “[W]hen you should eat, how often you should eat and how much you should eat” to get sustainable results. 

The fact remains that if you're suffering from excessive weight gain and a protruding belly that has refused to go despite your actions, then you are getting it wrong somewhere, especially with the kinds of diets you take or strategic plans you have employed. However, the end has not come for you. There is still hope. 

The audiobook is divided into three sections: 

Section one will give you all the basics of intermittent fasting, nutritional ketosis, and fasting. We are going to see the myths about intermittent fasting, breakfast myths, physiology of intermittent fasting, and why you should fast intermittently. 

Section two will tell you "how" to fast intermittently and protocols, best approaches for intermittent fasting, and how to choose the best protocols. You will also learn about the numerous benefits and side effects of intermittent fasting, including best exercises to do during fasting. 

Section three will take you to nutrition and intermittent fasting (combining intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets effectively), how to prepare your keto diet plans, and more than 20 common mistakes to avoid during fasting, including 101-plus effective cardio workouts you can do during intermittent fasting. 

Therefore, you can now choose to kill many birds with a stone just by getting this audiobook, ingesting, digesting, and implementing its wordings line by line. 

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12 July
Ernest Coffield