Intimacy and Solitude Intimacy and Solitude

Intimacy and Solitude

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Social distancing under COVID has thrown us more deeply into our intimate relationships, and kept us achingly apart from family, friends and others. Stephanie Dowrick's classic Intimacy and Solitude is the wise guide we need to help us find our personal ground, whatever challenges we face.
The quality of your personal relationships has never mattered more. It isn't enough to have lots of friends on social media. Or to give 'everything' to work hoping that will validate your existence.
When familiar certainties are dissolving, we need to give and receive closeness and understanding to feel fully alive. But how do we open up to others in a world that can seem harsh, indifferent - and unpredictable in the extreme?
Intimacy and Solitude starts with the most fundamental relationship of all: how you understand and care for your own self - knowing this will inevitably be reflected in your most essential relationships.
Using her exceptional gifts as a storyteller, as well as decades of work with people of all ages, orientations and cultures, Dr Stephanie Dowrick brings to life profound and persuasive insights to transform self-trust - and your life with others. This edition includes a new introduction to bring the book up to date.
'I love this book. It's full of exactly the kind of soulful wisdom the world is crying out for right now.' - Magda Szubanski
'Compassionate, honest, fearless . . . Stephanie Dowrick's writing amazes me.' - The Hon Kristina Keneally
'This is a book that can save your emotional life.' - Subhana Barzaghi, psychotherapist and Zen Roshi
'So needed at any time, and especially today.' -David Leser, Women, Men amp; the Whole Damn Thing
'Since I was a teenager, Stephanie Dowrick's work has been absolutely central to my understanding of the possibility of happiness.' - Clare Bowditch, musician and author

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5 January
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