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Fed up with diets you can’t stick to? Forget them. Now’s the time to change your mindset and finally take control of your health and happiness. 

Have you tried diet after diet, only to find yourself demoralized and sinking back into bad habits? Do diets leave you feeling guilty? Ashamed? Unhappy?

You’re not alone.

Forty percent of us have tried a fad diet in a desperate bid to lose weight, but they simply don’t work. Dieting feeds an unhealthy relationship with food. Focused purely on looks, it harms your body and your mind and forgets health altogether.

Here’s a secret: You’ve been sold a lie. The media sells us the image of the perfect body; the idea that we should look a certain way. But there’s no such thing. Setting out to achieve the perfect body is working towards an unachievable goal.

Imagine there was a different way: A way of eating that made you feel good, boosted your health, and improved your body image without the feelings of guilt and failure. Well, guess what? There is! It’s called intuitive eating, and your body already knows how to do it. You just need to learn what your body already knows.

Intuitive eating gives your mind and body everything they need to be healthy. Weight loss is just an added bonus. There are no rules with this lifestyle: You tailor it to suit you. By listening to your body and practicing intuitive eating, you can reduce stress, improve your body image, increase your overall well-being, and learn to enjoy food again.

Sound too good to be true? That’s what the diet industry wants you to think. You simply need to change your mindset, and with this audiobook, you’re going to learn how.

In Intuitive Eating: Developing a Healthy Relationship with Your Body and Food, you’ll learn everything you need to know to tune into your body’s needs and change your relationship with food forever. You’re going to learn:

The 10 core principles of intuitive eating 
The number 1 reason diets don’t work 
How to create your own 10-week journey to better health 
Why intuitive eating is the right path for you 
The secret to coping with your emotions without food 
How to reject numbers 
Why forbidden foods are dangerous 
How to improve your relationship with food and learn to love it again 
Why dieting is bad for your health 
Why 99 pewrcent of people associate diets with feelings of guilt and shame 
How to trust your body and honor your health
And so much more

If you thought you were destined for a lifetime of diets, caught in a battle for your dream body, stop. Be kind to yourself. Intuitive eating has been proven effective by registered dietitians and nutritionists: They know dieting doesn’t work. Your body knows dieting doesn’t work. Now it’s time for you to catch up.

By practicing intuitive eating, you can let go of your negative body image and learn to nourish your body. Understanding what your body needs and treating it kindly is the secret to boosting your metabolism and increasing your satisfaction after eating. Weight loss isn’t the goal, but it’s the icing on the cake.

Ted Ryan
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17 October
William Robertson