Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God? Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God?

Jesus: Fib, Dead, or God‪?‬

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Friend - there are lots of religions out there. Why are you a Christian? 

Most believers will talk about how they were raised, how God has improved their life, or how they know in their heart that it’s real. 

It sounds good on the surface, but faith built on these things alone is liable to be knocked down by the next strong wind in your life. It’s the reason many people lose their way. 

In other words, you’re focused on the wrong question. 

Tragically, most people will spend their entire life dodging the most important question in history. They’ll get hung up on objections like: 
The Christian faith and I have different views on social issues like abortion and gay marriage.Some Christian groups are too intolerant.I don’t like how some Christian groups meddle in politics.There are lots of religions, and I’m not sure only one has to be the right way.
That’s where this book comes in. Breakout author, James Finke, is back to help you cut through the noise and get at the structural integrity of the faith. 

For Christians who are new to or perhaps have never even heard the term Christian Apologetics, get ready to level up. Your personal faith, and your ability to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others will never be the same. 

That’s right. No more playing “spiritual whac-a-mole” with skeptics. You’ll learn to methodically and simply explain why Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone of your life. 

For Pastors, ministry leaders, and apologetics enthusiasts, this book will fit right into that open spot on your evangelism toolbelt. 

It’s been nearly 2,000 years since Jesus of Nazareth asked, “Who do you say that I am?”. Still, it remains the most important question in history, asked by the most important person in history. 

Are you ready? Let’s talk Jesus. 

Religion & Spirituality
Kevin Wagner
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28 December
Living Sacrifice Books, LLC

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