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If you are reading this you’ve probably heard all the hype. People are melting away 20, 50, and 100 pounds quickly by eating lots of fat. It sounds crazy. It sounds too good to be true. But is it?

In fact, the keto diet has been shown to lead to rapid and dramatic weight loss, more energy, heightened mental clarity, and better sleep patterns.

In this book, we set out to explore the keto diet and reveal the truth behind the keto diet as a way of life. What we found was astounding. Not only does the keto diet work, it may be the best diet that has ever come along that can help with weight loss. People who stick to the keto diet are able to shed pounds effortlessly.

But there is more to it than that. The keto diet may be the natural way that humans are supposed to eat. It seems like carbs are natural to eat, but a high carb diet is directly tied to several diseases, including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and more. One of the most common - and health compromising - diseases that is caused by consuming carbohydrates is diabetes. What if you learned that following the keto diet could prevent diabetes and even reverse it when you have it?

In this book you are going to learn the how and why of the keto diet, and you’ll get explicit instructions on how to use the keto diet in your own life. Some of the things that we’ll discuss in this book include:

What is keto? The keto diet and where it comes from are revealed in detail.
How the keto diet works. Learn about ketosis, how your body goes into ketosis, and the hormones that direct the metabolic states of your body.
Find out why you get fat in the first place.
Discover the many benefits of the keto diet.
Weight loss secrets of the keto diet are revealed.
Find out how the keto diet can work with diabetes, help you prevent it if you don’t have it, and help you reverse it or manage it if you do.
Learn how to start the keto diet.
Tips and instructions for dealing with the side effects that plague beginners.
Who else wants to learn about intermittent fasting, and how it fits into keto? The secrets are revealed inside.
A 21 day meal plan with a few recipes.

If you need to lose weight and get healthier, then you should consider the keto diet. Get this book today so that you can finally learn what the keto diet is really about and decide whether or not it’s something that you can try out in order to lose weight, gain more energy, and feel great!

Catherine O'Connor
hr min
11 November
Lisa Cook