Keto Diet For Beginners: 50 Quick & Easy Ketogenic Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Better Health and a Sharper Mind (7 Day Meal Plan to Help People Create Results, Starting from Their First Day) (Unabridged‪)‬

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If you want to burn off those unattractive extra pounds, feel amazing, boost your energy levels and attain top physical condition then keep reading...

The ketogenic diet is one of the most powerful and effective diets for weight loss out there. It has managed to survive even when other diets had grown and declined in popularity for one reason - it works. There are tons of testimonies from people who've managed to transform their lives using this diet. But a nagging problem for many people considering this lifestyle is the dietary monotony.

While the keto diet is undoubtedly effective, it can be hard on the beginner and boring after a while and you begin to miss your favorite foods and desserts, forcing you to go back to what feels comfortable.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can eat your cake and have it.

In this guide, Clarissa Fleming shows you the best way to achieve your health and weight goals as quickly as possible, using proven techniques and strategies to help you stay on track with the keto lifestyle without breaking a sweat.

You're going to finally say goodbye to boring, "tastes-like-Styrofoam" keto recipe hell and actually get to eat food that tastes great!

Here's what you're going to discover in this definitive guide to Keto Diet for Beginners:

Everything you need to know about the low-carb ketogenic diet to help you achieve your weight-loss goals
Surefire tips to help you get started with the keto lifestyle on the right foot
12 do's and don'ts you absolutely need to remember if you want to stay on track with the keto diet
The one type of vegetable you should avoid when on the keto diet (Hint: it's not cannabis)
Eight powerful habits that will help you fast-track your weight loss and achieve optimum health
Five foolproof tips to help you stick to the plan and avoid impulse buying when shopping for keto-friendly groceries
The ultimate grocery shopping list for keto-friendly ingredients from meats and seafood to and dairy and snacks
14 absolutely mouthwatering keto-compliant breakfast recipes you need to try out
Surprise your taste buds with 12 amazing keto-friendly lunch recipes to keep you energized throughout the day
12 ridiculously tasty dinner recipes to round out the day
The fail-safe 7-day keto diet meal plan to help you plan your week without second-guessing yourself
...And tons more!

Whether you've tried and failed at every other diet in the past, including keto, due to the restrictive nature wearing away at your willpower, or you're a keto practitioner looking for new ways to improve your health and diet, this guide is going to equip you with tricks you need to hack your body system to your own advantage.

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