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If you have been going back and forth on the keto diet, then this is the book to convince you! Keto has become so popular because of the results it has produced. People have been able to lose excess weight and feel confident they are gaining other health benefits such as reducing their blood pressure, decreasing their cholesterol, and even preventing the onset of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and neuro degenerative diseases. 

Not only that, people have noticed immediate results such as a boost in their energy level, better mental clarity and focus, and a better night's rest. No wonder keto has become so popular! It offers quick results that you can measure to keep you motivated and proud of your success! 

With this book, we have given a detailed background on keto and exactly what you have to look forward to and how the body adjusts. The adjustment period can be a bit tough due to your body realizing the sudden decline in carbohydrates. Considering that carbs usually make up nearly 70 percent of our diet, adjusting it to around 5 percent is a big change! Your body may feel some symptoms dubbed "the keto flu" as it adjusts, but motivate yourself that these symptoms won't last forever and soon you'll feel the results of keto! We have lots of tips to help you begin and maintain a keto diet including counting your macros, trying intermittent fasting, and incorporating light exercise into your routine. With tons of recipes, this book is all you need to take the first step! 

In this book you will find: 

The science behind the keto diet and how it burns excess fat
The macronutrient breakdown of the keto diet that you should aim to follow
How carbohydrates are linked to higher blood sugar levels, obesity, and diabetes
Benefits of the keto diet including reducing heart disease risk factors, improving mental acuity, reducing inflammation, preventing adult acne, and more!
Factors of the keto adjustment that can be tough to adjust to
Why keeping count of your daily macros is so important to track your body's progress to ketosis 
Possible side effects of keto and how to combat them as your body adjusts
The "keto flu" symptoms and our tips on how to beat it
What types of exercise you can do on the keto diet to accelerate your weight loss
14-day keto meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Keto dessert recipes to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings and still follow the diet rules!
Keto breakfast and lunch recipes that you make easily to fit into your routine
Motivating tips to keep you maintaining your keto diet and see successful results

And more! 

Betty Johnston
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2 May
Frances Spritzler