KETO DIET FOR WOMEN OVER 50: The Complete Guide to Healthy Weight Loss, Prevent Diabetes and Naturally Increase Longevity. Includes delicious recipes and a daily diet plan

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Publisher Description

Are you a woman over 50 interested in finding out how to lose weight in a healthy way by regaining energy and vitality? Do you want to know how to rebalance hormones, prevent diabetes, aim for a longer and more enjoyable life with a completely natural approach?

In this case, the ketogenic diet can really be the solution to your problem! 

A correct and balanced diet can undoubtedly prevent and alleviate the various health problems associated with aging and even activate a real virtuous rejuvenation process, capable of restoring vitality and youth. 

In this book you will find all the answers you are looking for. Here are the main topics you will find inside:
The concept behind the ketogenic diet and its historyEverything you need to know about the effects of the dietThe real benefits of following the dietThe most common mistakes for those who follow this diet and how not to make themThe different metabolism of a woman over 50 compared to a young womanHow the ketogenic diet can help increase longevityThe different types of ketogenic diet Specific exercises to support the diet for women over 50Why a woman over 50 should follow the ketogenic diet and what benefits it bringsTasty and easy to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinnerHow to follow the diet in every context of daily lifeThe instructions, recipes and exercises in this guide will get you started on a journey to a healthier and fitter body, even if you are currently overweight, suffer from problems caused by aging and feel discouraged.
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Jodi Back
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27 July
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