Keto for Cancer: Metabolic Ketogenic Diet Against Cancer Cells to Live in Health (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you want to follow a simple weight loss diet starving cancer? If yes, then keep reading...

Cancer is considered as one of the most dangerous diseases of present time. Though it can be cured in many cases, it requires a lot of patience, dedication, and money. The test for cancer and its treatment are quite costly, and many people cannot afford it.

There are still many cases where people die out of cancer because even though they have money, it is very difficult to cure when they are in their last stage of cancer. 

Yes. Cancer does have stages. If your cancer is diagnosed in the first stage - which means it has not spread throughout your body - you can cure it with mild chemotherapy and other therapeutic approaches. But once a person has last or advanced stage cancer, the cancer cells spread throughout his body, damaging all the organs and immune system. 

As you know, the immune system is the defense mechanism of our body which protects us from getting attacked by diseases. Cancer cells have the ability to increase inflammation of immune system resulting in their damage.

In this audiobook, you will discover:

Ways how cancer cells metabolizes in your body
Causes of cancer
Dependence of cancer cells on glucose
Fasting to cure many disease and to prevent cancer
An approach to the therapeutic potential of the ketogenic diet
The powerful impact which keto diet has on cancer cells’ metabolism
Ways to know what's on the foods you eat
Steps to learn and use the ketogenic diet to prevent cancer
Ways to cook the ketogenic meals
Diet based on the critical nutritional approach
Ways to reduce fat and eat healthy

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Bill Franchuk
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2 March
Immacolata Sollo