Kids Bedtime Sleep Meditations: Guided Night Time Short Stories and Positive Affirmations to Help Children & Toddlers Fall Asleep at Night, Relax, and Have Beautiful Dreams (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $23.99

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Make stressful bedtimes a thing of the past - discover the most relaxing way to help your child fall asleep.

Has your child ever woken from a nightmare, terrified to go back to sleep? 

Estimates suggest that up to 50 percent of children between the ages of three and six experience terrifying dreams, so they’re certainly not alone.

You’ve probably tried reading stories. You might have tried a cup of warm milk or a soothing lullaby.

But have you tried meditation?

We often think of adults and stress-relief when we think of meditation, but it’s a valuable tool for kids, too - as long as it’s carefully tailored to their unique needs.

In Kids Bedtime Sleep Meditations, you’ll discover:

12 magical meditations so compelling your child will think they’re just stories
A treasure trove of life lessons for kids to absorb without even realizing it
Empowering stories to build confidence and self-esteem by stealth
A unique way to encourage children to process (and communicate) their emotions
Meditation stories for every taste - and a way to expand their horizons to explore new ideas and spark their imaginations
Carefully curated music to promote relaxation and prepare your child for sleep
Vivid and magical images to captivate your child’s interest and draw them into a calm and relaxed state
Positive affirmations hidden like jewels in every story
Subtle coaching in "guided breathing" to equip your child with relaxation techniques to serve them for a lifetime
And much more

No matter what the reason, if you ever struggle to get your child to sleep at bedtime, you have a new superpower in your arsenal. 

Peaceful bedtimes and happy, sleepy faces await: Scroll up and click “buy” now.

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Kathryn Harris
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5 May
Sleepy Willow