Leadership: The 12 Proven Principles to Successfully Lead, Inspire, and Influence Others (Regardless of Position, Power, or Status) (Unabridged‪)‬

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Discover the 12 proven principles to successfully lead, inspire, and influence others (regardless of position, power, or status).

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to become a successful leader. It will not matter what your position is or what power you possess to be able to lead someone. All it takes is someone who has confidence in order to lead properly. You can be considered the lowest person on the totem pole, but you are going to be able to lead as long as you follow the steps that we give in this book. Most of what is in this book is not going to require that you take any special classes; you can do most of what is in this book by just adjusting how you look at things and how you lead the people who are under you. 

By the end of this audiobook you will have learned what you need to know so that you are able to become an effective leader: one that is going to inspire those who are around him no matter what position they hold or power that they have in their everyday lives. 

Here is a preview of what's inside:   

How to know yourself and seek improvement
How to know your constituents and watch over their welfare
How to keep everyone in your team informed
How to employ your command and how to encourage your constituents
How to be technically proficient
How to make decisions in a timely manner
How to ensure your tasks are understood and accomplished
And much, much more!

So, you can go down to Starbucks and get one of those fancy schmancy frappucinos or you can invest in this book and discover The 12 Proven Principles to Successfully Lead, Inspire, and Influence Others. Don't delay! Get this audiobook now!

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Erich Bailey
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15 February
Tuan Luu