Lucky: The City Of Coffins Lucky: The City Of Coffins

Lucky: The City Of Coffins

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    • $10.99

Publisher Description

When a man doomed to live life behind bars gets his chance at freedom, he takes it and wreaks havoc in a city plagued by equally vile ring leaders. Who will stop him?

Mr. Darkwoods was born John Woods — a convicted arsonist sentenced to 40 years in prison.

But when a jailbreak on behalf of the ghastly Mr. Acid and Mr. Binary ensues, he sneaks into the getaway chopper and essentially wins his freedom. However, his luck doesn’t end there.

Mr. Acid and Mr. Binary offer him a job as one of their trusted thugs, tasked to collect money from blackmails and robberies across the metropolis of Darsmit.

This new gig earns Mr. Darkwoods riches he’s only ever dreamed of. Over the years, all its power consumes him. He wants more, and so he takes more.

Mr. Darkwoods slowly lives up to his name and earns himself a roster of enemies — both human and superhuman — along the way, all of which try to exterminate him to tip the balance in their favor.

However, Mr. Darkwoods is determined to stay on top at all costs; and with a city as peculiar as Darsmit, the stakes are only getting higher.

Now, everyone is left to wonder: When will his luck run out?

Find out for yourself in “The City Of Coffins!”

This prolific book runs the gamut from suspense to crime and paranormal thrillers, with unexpected turns waiting on every page.

If you’re looking for a compelling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then get ready to meet your next favorite book!

Crime & Thrillers
Jim Junior
hr min
9 July
Spare Time Novels Inc.