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Are you tired of getting beat up by life?

When other people think of you, do they conjure up images of the scrawny kid in dodgeball in middle school P.E., cowering in the corner, being pummeled by balls, too weak & pathetic to fight back? If you’re tired of being pummeled by the balls of life, & are ready to actually win (or at the very least put up a fight), then keep reading. 

Maybe you’re still having trouble living down the fact that you told all your friends, family, and Instagram followers that this would be your year. You would start that business, double your income, move to your dream spot, but then…you didn’t. You let the first sign of an obstacle stop you. 

For all of us, there is only one thing standing in the way between the life we have now & the life we want - our mind.

Sure, it’s usually easier to believe in other people than it is to believe in yourself, but to get through life, you need confidence, resilience, & persistence. 

And mental toughness is the core of that.

In this book, you will find:

How to change the way you think about failure and move forward in the face of fear 
The survival tactic your brain uses to trick you into thinking you’re inept, and how to overcome it 
What the NSCA, an association that trains professional athletes, says are the two things that motivate people and how you can identify and tap into yours
What you need to look at every day to trick your brain into doing what you want it to do 
How to get over the blame game and take responsibility for your life, good, bad, and ugly 
The sometimes friendly, sometimes not-so-friendly kick in the pants you need to make you change your mind so you can change your life

Even if you think you’ve heard it all before, or you suffer from a crippling fear of failure and have always been a quitter with no self-discipline, you can learn to control your brain instead of letting your brain control you. 

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Science & Nature
Fran McClellan
hr min
3 April
Funny Positive Thinking Self Help Motivation for Women and Men