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Covert Manipulation
Dark Psychology Secrets
Dark Psychology and Manipulation

If you want to learn how to manipulate people, then keep reading...

Manipulation is always present in the world. There are always those who will search for the weaknesses in others, in order to benefit themselves. They will use lying, withholding of love, persuasion, and manipulation in order to get what they want. And they are often successful at it because they can easily read the person they are trying to target.  

Many people live in denial. They assume that manipulation is not there and that it is not really a problem they need to deal with. But thinking that this type of psychology isn’t even there is a bad choice. You can choose to remain ignorant of this, or you can learn how to take control so that you can protect yourself and others from those who would like to cause you harm or ruin you.  

The person is considered to be psychologically captive and above all, they never realize what is going to happen. A skilled manipulator is capable of putting a person’s sense of self-worth and emotional health into his own hands. Once this is done, the manipulator ensures that the victim’s self-esteem reaches the last limit. Do you want to stay aware of the tactics or the signs which helps in the identification of manipulation?

Often the victims do not realize that they are under the control of a manipulator. There are various tactics which the manipulators can use against the victims. It is always good to remain aware of these tactics and know whether he or she is under the effect of manipulation or not.

The goal of the book is simple: help people know more about manipulation and how it can affect people. It also discusses in length about the signs of identifying the victim and adopting strategies to counter the effects. The manipulations are of various kinds and can take place anywhere. It is always a good thing to know about them and stay protected.

You will also learn: 

What is psychology?
What is the dark psychology?
What is  the dark triad?
How to use brainwashing, mind control, hypnosis, and seduction.
How to analyze people using the dark psychology.
What is covert manipulation?
How to identify yourself as the victim of covert manipulation and some examples of people who used it during history.
Human behavior and manipulation.
Emotional intelligence and manipulation and some techniques of emotional intelligence used for manipulation.
Body language and manipulation and some techniques of body language used for manipulation.
Manipulation skills to gain friends.
Manipulation in a relationship and at the workplace.
Tips and tricks to defend yourself from manipulation.
And more...

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Nicholas Connell
hr min
18 October
Bran Deep