Money: Thoughts for God's Stewards Today: Andrew Murray Speaks to 21st Century Christians About How to Use Money as an Instrument of Love and Grace Rather Than Greed (Unabridged‪)‬

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Money unquestionably has power. That power is able to corrupt both you and others around you. However, as Andrew Murray points out, money can also be one means for you to spread God’s love and grace. As a retired financial advisor, R. Lynn White knows that people budget for what they love. You may love Jesus, or your family or a new car every year. But, generally, you will spend the most money on what you love the most. The impact that your money will have depends what or who you love. This, in turn, influences how you choose to make, invest and spend your money.

God calls each of us to different paths and purposes. Some of you may have many possessions, some few possessions, and some a comfortable middle-class life. Regardless, each one of us is responsible to be a good steward of the possessions at our disposal, not in a way which leads to hoarding, but in a way which leads to blessing. You will find that this book provides the keys to the role that money can play in spreading God’s love and grace in your life and in the lives of those you touch.

Lynn has gently revised Rev. Murray’s original manuscript to make it easier for a you, a listener in the 21st century to comprehend. Lynn has also added a set of “Questions for Reflection” to each part of the book. This bonus material will help you review your beliefs and opinions about money and reconsider them in light of Rev. Murray’s challenges on how to use money to spread love and grace, rather than greed.

As you listen to this book, may you consider what and who you truly love, how this shapes the way you earn and spend your money, and the depth of God’s grace in your life. May the Holy Spirit reveal to you what the poverty of Christ is and that the deeper you choose to enter his poverty, the richer you will become. In managing your finances, may your head be guided by wisdom and your heart guided by love for God, yourself, and your neighbor.

Religion & Spirituality
R. Lynn White
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12 March
Andrew Murray