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Learn Music Theory in One Week or Less!

Are you interested in music, but don't know where to start?

Do you secretly wish to become a respectful musician in your industry?

Would you like to create mind-blowing melodies and creative songs?

In this outstanding audiobook, you will learn music theory in the most effective, educational, and successful way! No matter if you're a complete beginner, have no previous musical knowledge, or struggling to create nice music - this book will be the only guide on music theory you'll ever need.

Here's what you can find inside:

Learn how to read music using proven techniques
Understand the symbols and the notes of a music score
Learn octaves, pitch, tempo, and scales
Discover how you can write amazing melodies, even if you have no experience
And much, much more!

Learn from a professional musician, an incredible instructor and a flowing narrator who will guide you from your first attempt. You can't go wrong!

All the tools you need to learn music theory are inside this comprehensive audiobook, and the entire book is written for inexperienced people, so you can get good fast and most importantly - have fun!

Who this audiobook is for:

Anyone who is ready to learn music and looking for a beginner-friendly guide
People who have some musical experience and want to sharpen their skills
People who want to master music, become the best musicians, and even teach others!

I have no musical background. Is this book for me?

Yes! No matter if you're completely new to music or even have some sort of experience, this book will help you to understand music theory and sharpen the skills you already possess

What instruments can I play with the help of this book?

From piano to guitar, electronic or symphony, any style of music can be learned with this book and get your competent.

Buy now and get this amazing crash course!

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Andy Parrish
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19 February
Dave Fallett