Nightworld Academy: Terms One - Three Omnibus Nightworld Academy: Terms One - Three Omnibus

Nightworld Academy: Terms One - Three Omnibus

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    • $21.99

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At an academy attended by witches, shifters, and vampires, one student's bloodline will be their salvation... or a curse.

I've witnessed the future in visions since a child, but nobody paid attention to my wild imagination. Not until I tried to change something I'd seen, and a student ended up in the hospital. The school expelled me, and my parents searched for another that could help with my 'issues'.

My whole world changed when I stepped into the exclusive academy on the Yorkshire Moors to live with other troubled teens.

Troubled vampire, witch, and shifter teens. Somebody forgot to give me the memo—I'm a witch.

On the plus side, I now have friends who don't think I'm crazy.

There's Ash, the rugby team captain and the academy's most popular guy, who just happens to be a shifter. Then there's Andrei, the moody guy with a bad attitude who takes pleasure in annoying me—oh, and he's a blood-drinking vampire tempted by taboo witch blood. My quirky witch roommate Amelia takes me under her wing, as does her friend Jamie, the studious and friendly witch who's by my side when I need him. Add in my confusing pull towards the mysterious Professor Whitlock with devastating secrets, and I'm in trouble.

I'm thrust into a world where potions lessons and academy games are fraught with rivalry, and where the Dominion insurgents join forces with the exiled Blackwood witches to take on the corrupt Confederacy council.

My powers are more potent than anybody expected and I discover I'm a pawn in a war between the Confederacy and Dominion. My bond to the four guys grows, and I'll need to rely on each of them to help me navigate my new life.

Please note: this set contains Books One – Three and Books 4 - 6 are available in a separate set

Kids & Young Adults
Sarah Colton
hr min
18 July
Emu House Publishing