Passive Income Ideas for Beginners: 13 Passive Income Strategies Analyzed, Including Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Rental Property Investing and More

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★ ☆ How Can You Make Your Money Work for You While You Sleep? ☆★ 

You’ve been hearing a lot about passive income lately, but do you actually know anything about it? Passive income can be consistent and possible to achieve in your life, if you know how exactly to work for it.

With the book ‘Passive Income Ideas for Beginners’ you are invited to a full tour full of ideas, advice, and secrets to dominate the passive income world. With exclusive tips focused on beginners, you will learn step by step exactly what it takes to create a solid passive income stream that lasts for years.

On average, a millionaire has about 7 income streams, imagine that as being a powerful and steady money machine, that doesn’t require constant worries.

Work passionately, be smart, and watch your business grow. This book will be your guide on-the-go.

Where to begin? After you find out what really interests you (along with the skills you have), you can start building your passive income through Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Rental property investing among many others. After reading this book and absorbing its knowledge, you’ll feel confident and equipped to start striving towards your first pot of passive income gold.

“If You Don’t Find A Way to Make Money While You Sleep, You Will Work Until You DIE ☠” – Warren Buffett

Timothy Willink analyzes 13 Strategies used by many others to generate passive income. The ups and downs, what kind of investments you should make, how to adapt your skills and turn your business into a money making machine for the years to come.

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Captain James H. Hammond, II
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1 February
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