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Are you looking for a better workout so you'll look fit and live longer? 

Whether you're in great shape or have never set foot in a gym, it doesn't matter - learning to do Pilates means going back to the basics. The book describes core Pilates movements and simple patterns. Pilates for Any Fitness Level is the perfect beginner guide to practice Pilates at home with confidence. 

It improves the Pilates routine with a progressive, easy-to-follow plan from the first time on the mat to completing a complete sequence. This guide gives you the knowledge you need to make Pilates part of your daily routine. 

Pilates is a lifelong source of energy, strength, and flexibility for both your mind and body. Start building up your practice and feel the difference from this guide with step-by-step guidance and exercises. Pilate exercise is known as one of popular activities in today's world, which helps to streamline the body, improve posture, flexibility, emotional, and physical well-being.

This book explains the magical steps to change your life completely. By reading it, you will learn:

What is Pilates exactly?
How does Pilates fit into a complete fitness program?
What are the health benefits of Pilates?
Which Pilates workout is right for you?
How to do progressive muscle relaxation
How you can improve your core strength
How you can maintain your fitness level

This book will give you a better zeal in following all the exercises with easy-to-understand instructions prepared for you, thus making you accept Pilates as one of your daily routines. All the activities put together in this book will not produce any sort of weakness for you but instead strengthen your muscles and core. Pilate targets specific parts of your body to help reduce weight in the following areas: abdominal and spinal region, hands, buttocks, joints, and upper thighs.

Pilates gives you the energy, flexibility, and strength that will strengthen your mind and body for a long time. Get all of the health benefits described above form Pilates for any fitness levels by following all directions in this book with a clear description. This book is an excellent guide.

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Samuel Prost
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22 April
Noah Gregory