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“Think for yourself and question authority.”
“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.”
“You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind.”
“The universe is an intelligence test.”
“Civilization is unbearable, but it is less unbearable at the top.”
“There are three side effects of acid: enhanced long-term memory, decreased short-term memory, and I forget the third.”
“You can always pick up your needle and move to another groove.”
“Learning how to operate a soul figures to take time.”
“In the information age, you don't teach philosophy as they did after feudalism. You perform it. If Aristotle were alive today, he'd have a talk show.”
“We are dealing with the best-educated generation in history. But they've got a brain dressed up with nowhere to go.”
As a close friend of Geoffrey Giuliano the amazing life of LSD advocate Dr. Timothy Leary is examined through the microscope of his great, abiding achievements as a philosopher, researcher, psychologist, and shaman.
From his controversial, early days at Harvard University, to the heady heights of his time as a counter-culture hero and international fugitive, here is Timothy Leary, in his own words and of those who knew him best.
Perfect for all library, university, and private collections. A one-of-a-kind Icon audio adventure.
Produced by Devin Lawerence in Vrndavana
Mixed and assembled by Macc Kay in Bangkok
Musical consultant Alex Franchi in Milan
Production executive Avalon Giuliano in London
ICON Intern Eden Giuliano in Delhi
Dedicated to the sacred memory of two pure devotees, H. G. Srimati Vrndarani Devi Dasi Maharani (1953-2017) and H. G. Srila Bhakti Hirday Mangal Niloy Gosvami Maharaj
Special thanks to author Brandon Stickney
Music By AudioNautix With Their Kind Permission
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Geoffrey Giuliano
hr min
19 January
Author's Republic