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If life were to come with an owner's manual for creating wealth, health, overall contentment and spiritual connection, this would be it! Have you ever felt like you needed to just stop the life you're living, make a few adjustments, and start some things over? Do you ever feel like you are working too hard for the results you are getting in your life? Have you ever had a nagging feeling inside telling you that there really is something to this "spirituality thing", and it's a lot more than just a collection of religious teachings?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, you're going to love this audiobook. And if you are willing to be open-minded and try a few things differently than what you've done in the past, you're about to dramatically improve your life.

Practical Spirituality is a practical tool for achieving amazing results in your life by using "spiritual power" - a different spirituality that is not tied to any given religion. The spiritual domain is nothing more than the realm of spirit or the realm of the formless. To put it into modern terms, we could just as easily say it is the quantum field. Therefore, your spiritual power comes from a deep connection with your Creative Source (however you define that), a deep connection from within yourself.

In Practical Spirituality, you'll learn how to access that infinite source within - the unlimited powerhouse that you are - to create the life you desire and deserve. Practical Spirituality allows you to virtually explode the limitations that have been imposed upon you, or that you have imposed upon yourself. This is the first step toward awakening and nurturing the spiritual power inside you.

James Arthur Ray
hr min
12 March
James Ray International

Customer Reviews

Shazzybabes ,

Powerful stuff

This is great!! Although the audio is not the best, the book gripped me and helped me understand and answer alot of questions I have asked myself this year. I have already stated listening to this again. After seeing and hearing James Aurthur Ray on "The Secret" I was expecting more of the same but I am pleased to say this guy has some debth and is not afraid to let us all know.

Buy this if you want to challenge your current way of thinking.

Sharon - Brisbane

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