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The complete trilogy in one book! The best-selling trilogy about three brothers that are modern day princes and the women they love and put crowns on!

A lovely feel-good clean romance with strong empowered young women. Number one in philanthropy, charity, horses, and civics.

Have you ever hoped to find true love? Come along as each of our amazing heroines meets up with the man of her dreams.

Book One - Love Miracles: The Elephant Sanctuary

Prince Luke has no direction. Eldest to the throne, much is expected of him, yet he's not ready to be put in a royal mold. Emma is an American woman who cares about the world and wild life. She travels to Thailand to help save mistreated elephants and ends up finding a partner in a lofty young do-gooder named Luke. She never suspects that he is truly the son of a real modern day king and heir to a throne. Luke, afraid of losing her, keeps the truth from her. There seems to be no way to solve the split that occurs in their worlds. But sometimes, when love is involved, miracles really do happen.

Book Two - Unbridled: The Race Track Winner

Billionaire Prince Christof sets out to buy a winning racehorse and gamble his money into even more of a fortune. A player with no direction and a lost soul, Prince Christof is no match for the down-to-earth cowgirl from Texas, Jody, who loves her horses more than he loves money.

Book Three - Princess Wanted: The Royal Ball

Prince Will is the good son. The middle, sweet, and loving family son. He is also honored to help his small kingdom. The small country has been hurt financially by the price of oil rising, and it's hurting the everyday person. Prince Will agrees to help at all costs and ultimately attends a royal single ball that will end in a marriage of convenience that will be for the benefit of his country. When Samantha attacks him, his world turns upside down.

Kids & Young Adults
Sangita Chauhan
hr min
1 February
linda west