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Do you feel like you are in a cycle of procrastination? Does it affect your life negatively, causing you to miss important deadlines? Do you feel stressed, only to continue these behaviors? You are not alone!

This audiobook will give you hope!

Procrastination Cure is a self-help guide to overcoming the very common and very real issue of procrastination. It can be very difficult to break free from this mentality with a variety of causes. Many people may not even realize what makes them procrastinate, but this guide will help you discover the underlying reasons for putting things off.

Strengthen your mind to overcome laziness and anxiety to break free of procrastination. Learn how building self-confidence can help get your life back on track!

This audiobook discusses:

4 types of procrastination and the causes of procrastination
Exercises to increase mental toughness
14 ways to improve resilience
7 approaches to increase focus
Steps to build self-confidence
How to master time
7 keys to life success
And much more!

With the advice and exercises in this audiobook, you will be able to increase your productivity and learn how to keep your new, healthier habits permanently! Though it may sometimes be a continuing battle, once you add this guide to your library, you will always have it to remind you how to get back on track!

Who is the target audience for this audiobook?

Procrastination Cure is a guide for anyone who feels hopeless and frustrated with themselves when it comes to putting things off. If you struggle to meet deadlines and often find yourself breaking personal promises, this audiobook is for you! It is also a great gift for people who know they have a problem and need advice on how to overcome it.

Master your time and your tasks and discover how you can become more confident in finishing your projects on time add this audiobook to your library today!

A guide on how to overcome procrastination, including the root causes of procrastination and several exercises for various trouble spots that contribute to procrastination.

George Johnson
hr min
8 February
Armando Colantuono