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"At Queerditch Marsh, however, a game had been created that would one day become the most popular in the wizarding world."

As every fan of the Harry Potter stories knows, the shelves of the Hogwarts Library are home to all sorts of fascinating books. There are three in particular you might have heard mentioned by certain Hogwarts students, and that you can add to your listening list too, including Quidditch Through the Ages.

Maybe you dream of catching the elusive Golden Snitch to the sound of deafening cheers all around you, as a certain Harry Potter once did. Or perhaps, like Hermione Granger, your thirst for knowledge is somehow just never quite satisfied. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a complete newcomer to the sport, you'll be in good company when you pick up this particular Hogwarts Library book.

From its origins on Queerditch Marsh in the eleventh century to the sophisticated sport played today, discover how 'Quidditch unites witches and wizards from all walks of life, bringing us together to share moments of exhilaration, triumph and (for those who support the Chudley Cannons) despair', according to Professor Albus Dumbledore's foreword.

Do you know why refereeing a Quidditch match was once a task for only the bravest witches and wizards, or how to tell a Transylvanian Tackle from a Woollongong Shimmy? In this enlightening and highly popular Hogwarts library book, Kennilworthy Whisp reveals the daring highs and dangerous lows of the glorious game of Quidditch.

Narrated by Andrew Lincoln, this is the first audiobook edition of Whisp's book ever to be released. Andrew is a People's Choice Awards winner and a BAFTA nominated actor, best known for his role as Rick Grimes in the TV series The Walking Dead. His other film and television credits include Made in Dagenham, Strike Back and Love Actually.

This audio edition also includes over an hour and a half of bonus content featuring The History of the Quidditch World Cup, narrated by Andrew Lincoln, and commentary on the Quidditch World Cup final, narrated by Annette Badland (as Rita Skeeter) and Imogen Church (as Ginny Potter). This content was written by J.K. Rowling in 2014 and is available to read on wizardingworld.com.

Fans of Quidditch Through the Ages are sure to enjoy the other Hogwarts Library books: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Andrew Lincoln
hr min
15 March
Pottermore Publishing

Customer Reviews

CJ333373333 ,

Absolutely worth every cent; thanks JKR, you’re awesome🙏🙏🙏

It was worth purchasing this audiobook just for the bonus content. Hearing about the, now-adult, surviving members of “Dumbledore’s Army” was completely unexpected, though, thoroughly enjoyed & appreciated.👏👏👏

I would have loved to have heard Bonnie Write narrate as “Mrs Ginny Potter”, but, we cannot have everything...

Quidditch is a real sport & listen to no one that declares otherwise.

Thank you J.K. Rowling, from the bottom of my heart. You’re an international treasure and institution, I have nothing but heartfelt love towards you.

Very...very...very-extremely-politely, I add the following:

I am dyslexic & an Australian.

I’m forced to rely on audiobooks to permit my, frustratingly slow, mind true immersion into the “Potterverse”. To attempt to read books I must endure embarrassment & am forced to commit to a minimum of 3 x the ‘spare time’ as readers without my affliction.

After listening to this glorious extension of the ‘Harry Potter’ world, I am even more disappointed about “Harry Potter @ The Cursed Child”. You see, un Australia, it’s only accessible via paperback or via being a ‘Melbournian’ because that’s the inly city in our country that the play is in, & now due to our great friend, “COVID- One Niner” it’s literally impossible to see (& even before, cost prohibitive for many).

The Potterverse had always been about awareness & inclusion, however, I’m incapable of sharing your enjoyment in, what my nieces have quoted as “an unparalleled immersion into the modern-day Potterverse you must experience Uncle CJ”.

I’m not asking for discounts, or what many say is “special treatment”, I only ask that those that are born as I am, to be afforded an opportunity to enjoy the same immersion into Potter as everyone else gets to do.

Please, pleeeeease, release an audiobook version of the Cursed Child, J.K.R. Please help us ‘limitedly-literate-humans’ feel as the rest are blessed to feel...

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