Relaxation Breath - Breath Relaxation Relaxation Breath - Breath Relaxation

Relaxation Breath - Breath Relaxation

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In today's fast-paced world, stress, anger, and tension are increasingly becoming common emotions experienced by many. "Breath Relaxation" offers a timely antidote, providing immediate assistance to those grappling with both inner and outer turmoil. This audiobook is a guided journey through 11 easy-to-follow breathing techniques specifically designed to invoke the body's natural healing processes, restore equilibrium, and rejuvenate the spirit.

Listeners will get:

• 11 proven techniques to diffuse anger and emotional upheavals.
• Simple and intuitive methods to foster internal harmony and diminish external tensions.
• The age-old secrets of using breath for a rejuvenated, youthful spirit.

1. Introduction (2 min.)
2. Breath Awareness (8 min.)
3. Coherence Breathing (10 min.)
4. Box Breathing (7 min.)
5. Circular Diaphragmatic Breathing (7 min.)
6. 4-6-8-Breathing Technique (6 min.)
7. Manifesting Breath (7 min.)
8. Vitalize & Energize (4 min.)
9. Sigh Breathing (5 min.)
10. Guided Body Awareness - Combined Breathing & Bodyscan (20 min.)
11. Heart Activation (18 min.)
12. Night's Embrace: Guided Body Awareness for Deep Sleep - Breathing & Bodyscan (41 min.)
13. How to use this audiobook best (2 min.)

Narrated with a calming and insightful voice, Rosalie Somogyi breaks down each of the 11 breathing techniques step-by-step, ensuring that listeners of all backgrounds and experience levels can benefit from the practices.

The soothing cadence of her guidance is not only instructional but serves as real-time guidance during stressful moments or as a foundational pillar for a daily relaxation routine.

Whether you're a busy professional seeking a quick stress-relief tool, someone dealing with anxiety or anger, or simply someone looking to find more peace in their daily life, "Breath Relaxation" is a transformative listen that will guide you back to inner peace, one breath at a time.

Rosalie Somogyi (Breathcomplex) is a renowned expert on holistic wellness and breath work. In the past 5 years she worked with more than 1.500 clients from 30 countries. She held workshops in Bali, Guatemala, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, England and Mexico.

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Rosalie Somogyi
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22 August
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