Retaliation: Lords of Chaos Motorcycle Club: Road to Carnage Series, Book 4 (Unabridged) Retaliation: Lords of Chaos Motorcycle Club: Road to Carnage Series, Book 4 (Unabridged)

Retaliation: Lords of Chaos Motorcycle Club: Road to Carnage Series, Book 4 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Bikers, mobsters, blood.

Richard "Richie" Harrison is willing to endure a lot of unspeakable torment at the hands of a prison guard just to keep his boyfriend, Diego "Dragon" Murphy, from making a huge mistake trying to defend his honor. Unfortunately, Dragon discovered his secret and flew into a rage, attacking the correctional officer who is hurting his man. Now, Richie has no idea what might happen next. Will he ever see Dragon again? Will he ever get to tell him his true feelings? Will he ever be able to feel Dragon beside him at least one more time?

Akari Himura follows orders given to him by his boss, Rico Castiello. He doesn't ask questions and he doesn't mess around. So, after his boss suffers an injury due to the foolish actions of a rival gang attacking the Lords of Chaos, Rico gives him a specific order. Retaliation. Killing is something Akari excels at. The matter of the heart is a different story. So, when Fabian "Burger" Murphy lets his intentions to make Akari his be known, he doesn't quite know how to handle the sexy, humongous biker’s advances. Burger is everything he desires but is afraid to pursue. Will he allow the man of his dreams inside his heart, or will he keep him at bay for fear of getting hurt again?

Fabian "Burger" Murphy doesn't have to convince a person into his bed; they're drawn to him. Being the Road Captain for the Lords of Chaos MC, getting attention just comes with the lifestyle. However, when he decides to claim the sexy assassin for the Castiello family, he may be in over his head. Still, he’s never given up on anything or anyone he’s wanted before. And he's not going to let a war with the Hellraiser Knights or his club's rules get in the way of what he wants now. He wants Akari Himura.

Zindel Esai spends his days paying off the debt he owes a member of the Castiello family, and he does so in the pleasure club the family owns called Desire. When the big boss calls him into his office to give him a new job, he is spellbound. The handsome Italian man sitting behind the desk sparks desires within Zindel that he has no plans of ignoring. He is bold and relentless in his pursuit of Vito "The Vise" Castiello, and no declarations from the mobster that he is straight will deter him from getting his man. Because if there's one thing that Zindel can't’s a challenge.

Listener Advisory: Serial series where each book should be listened to in order for your ultimate enjoyment. Mature listeners only, as these bad boys party hard and play dirty. Outlaw MC life, prison life, mafia, dark themes. Graphic violence. Strong adult situations. Colorful and intense language. HFN/HEA. Listener discretion is advised.

Keith Folz
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14 March
Nicholas Bella