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Break bad habits and regain control of your life so it becomes transformed. So many of us are victims of our own bad habits, but this audiobook can teach you how to attain self-discipline like a soldier and form new, better habits that change your life.

In order to identify your bad habits and learn new ones, become more aware of yourself and your inner workings. Becoming more self-attentive means learning how to pay attention to your mind-set, behaviors, and thinking. Staying the course can be hard, but it’s essential to keep your goals in sight and not be discouraged. This audiobook will teach you how becoming self-aware helps you along the entire journey. 

To start, learn about how habits form in the first place. There’s a long history of scientists figuring out how people develop habits, and you’ll get a background on Pavlov, John Watson, BF Skinner, as well as the theory of “conditioning” and positive/negative reinforcement. Psychology has gone through many phases when it comes to human behavior, so you’ll always get a rundown of what modern science thinks about all of this. 

Self-discipline and SEAL soldiers are known for their self-discipline, and SEALs represent the ideal measure of everything self-discipline is about. What kind of thinking propels them? They have a strict code you’ll learn about, like how they behave as if the battle is already over and how hard situations serve to drive personal growth. The environment a SEAL lives in is fueled by motivational speaking, mantras, and ethos (the spirit), which all help build rock-solid self-discipline and focused thinking. 

Live your life as if you were a soldier. You don’t have to be a soldier to live like one when it comes to having self-discipline. Identifying and picturing your success is crucial and proves how the visualization of victory is half the battle toward actually achieving it. Every success is important, so even the smallest goals should be treated with great weight. They all add up to form a nucleus of behavior that drives you forward. 

How do you build a plan of action for changing bad habits into good ones? This audiobook lays out a plan for success:   

Replacing bad habits with good ones
Always striving to be consistent 
Setting yourself up for success and not failure
Remembering that urges are temporary
Letting people in your life in on your goals

Self-discipline, good habits, and better productivity can be achieved by anyone, even if they aren’t soldiers or SEALS. By harnessing the mind-set of the elite, you can change your life for the better when you listen to this audiobook!

Michael Stuhre
hr min
23 October
Ethan Jackson

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