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Many people don't know that self-publishing on Amazon and marketing your ebooks can be one the most lucrative online businesses you can do. Thousands of people are making a living from Kindle self-publishing, and so can you after listening to this audiobook.

This audiobook goes into detail on how to start making money from self-publishing and social media marketing so you can build your online business empire. We will talk about the deep secrets most successful self-publishing passive-income makers don't want you to know about making money through building your brand and selling ebooks on Kindle.

Inside, you will learn:

Why every self-publisher person needs this audiobook - explaining in detail as to why this audiobook is a must-hear for any aspiring Kindle entrepreneur
How to pick a niche 
How to find a niche that would be best suited for you
How to write and publish a book in 24 hours
Where to get your book ghostwritten cheaply and with no plagiarism
How to pick a winning title that sells
The secret that no one is talking about with KDP Select
How to scale up fast and leverage on your already-existing books
How to get your book seen by customers each and every time you publish
How to get reviews and deal with bad reviews
How to do keyword research the right way
Learn what the hottest niches and categories on Amazon Kindle are now
What to do when your book isn’t selling
Domain name plus hosting plus WordPress - how to find the best and the most cost-effective domain name plus hosting plus WordPress
Affiliate marketing - going step-by-step on how to find a good affiliate program that will sell and make profits
SEO - explaining the importance of SEO, also showing how to boost ranking on Google
Importance of YouTube - why YouTube is an excellent idea for self-publishers and bloggers and how it can help them get amazing traffic to their books on Amazon and their blog
How to build an email list - showcasing some the most sought-after methods for collecting emails for your books
Guest blogging - learn how they can generate more traffic to their books and blog by guest posting
How to use all these methods - summing up everything we just talked about in this audiobook and explaining how to use these methods for best results
Facebook strategies and more!
How to be a best seller in Kindle publishing
Keep growing your empire - briefly touching on how to keep building your blogging empire even after you have achieved the $3,000 a month mark.
And much, much more!

Business & Personal Finance
Kevin Kollins
hr min
11 March
Tim Steinberg