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Matthew Reilly's newest thriller.

Thousands of years ago, a magnificent golden capstone sat atop the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was a source of immense power, capable of bestowing upon its holder absolute global rule for a thousand years...

But then, in 323 BC, the capstone was broken into seven pieces and spread to the corners of the Earth, hidden within the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Now, with the coming of a rare solar event, the time has come to locate the pieces and rebuild the capstone.

Crime & Thrillers
Sean Mangan
hr min
28 February
Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Larnche ,

Seven Ancient Wonders

Wow! I could hardly keep up with Jack. I almost felt like I was back on a journey with Scarecrow.
Definitely fast paced and I enjoyed the story.

Greg from Oz ,

7 Ancient Wonders

I love this book - for pure escapism it is one of the best (although I do wonder about the research but who cares - it's NOT THE POINT and I trust him). Unfortunately, the reader seems to mimic Matthew's text style a bit too much - fine on paper but a bit strange too listen too, it's all drums and go, go, go! It sort of works but it would have been better if he'd slowed down just a bit? The 6 stepping stones is better. Consideration could be given to abridging these as well. Can't wait for the 5..erhh..things released soon!
Just calm it down a bit, It's not a horse race!

qcathy ,

Absolutely Fabulous

A wonderful book for one and all! And the narration was excellent...A+++++

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