Steele: Arizona Vengeance, Book 9 (Unabridged‪)‬

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A second chance may be just what James Steele needs....

I might be one of the older players on the Arizona Vengeance, but I like to think that also makes me one of the wisest. Or at least I used to.

Turns out, I’ve been a bit selfish. I’ve been married to hockey and my team for years, which hasn’t left much time for my actual wife, Ella. Now I’m juggling a separation I never wanted, the pressure of being a single dad to our teenage daughter, and the career I sacrificed it all for.

While my game on the ice might be on fire, the game in my personal life is clearly lacking, as evidenced by the fact I just saw my wife on a date with another man. If I have any hope of saving the family I love, I need to reprioritize, and fast. So it’s time for me to get back to fundamentals, just like I did when I learned how to play hockey. I’ve never backed down from a challenge, and romancing my wife is a challenge I am very much looking forward to.

Time to put on my game face, because I’m in it to win it.

Brian Pallino, Jill Redfield
hr min
8 December
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Entertaining with great narration

The narrators did a wonderful job bringing one of my favourite reads to life. Brian Pallino and Jill Redfield were spot on with every emotion. I love my catch ups with the Arizona Vengeance and Steele is a perfect addition to this great series, if you love sports romances in particular Hockey this book should certainly be on your radar. I was captivated with story from the first page to the last line and I really didn’t want this book to end because I have come to look at this team and their partners as friends. James (Jim)Steele is out with teammates when he sees his estranged wife our with a man and that’s just the jolt he needs to make him realise he not only wants his family back, he needs them back..... Jim has spent so much of his life putting his career and hockey first that he forgot his wife Ella and their daughter’s needs and it’s only now he sees the error of his ways so will Ella give him a second chance and will Jim change and put his family before the career he loves..... This is a heartfelt romance that touched me on so many levels, I swooned over Jim as I watched him fight for the woman and daughter he loves, I smiled and at times I held my breath because I really wasn’t sure this book would turn out how I wanted it too, I loved Jim and Ella and as always I loved catching up with the rest of the team. This is the perfect addition to this wonderful series.

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