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"The Man of the House Is Too Big for Me" is the story of a young woman who vows to her friend that she will make love to her boyfriend. Her friend convinces the woman to try her seduction abilities on the man of her own house first. In a twist of plans, it is the man of the house who decides to take the lead, and after a few weeks, the young woman finds herself blessed with a gift that she can care for - forever.

"The Man of the House Cannot Fit Inside of Me", is the story of a young woman who is interested in learning about becoming a submissive. The man of the house and another young man are only too willing to teach her and reach their goal of impregnating her. She loves her new way of life, and in a few short months, has a surprise gift to love and cherish always.

"Dreams of Being Inside of Her", is the story of a young woman who tells her roommates that she watched a very stimulating movie about men making love with a woman who is dozing off on their couch. They made all her known fantasies come true, but she doesn't really realize it fully until the next day. A few weeks later, the woman discovers that her life would forever be changed.

"Begging for Tasty Semen" is a story about an 18-year-old who absolutely begs an older man for his attention because she finds him incredibly attractive. He's happy to oblige her as she wants, which happens to be repeatedly. The story ends with a nice little bonus bundle in a few months.

"He Doesn't Pull Out of Me" is a story about the lust a man of the house has for a very sexy young lady. When she is drowsy on his couch while she is babysitting at his home, her vulnerability is too tempting for him to resist. During the night, he makes love with her repeatedly, in positions and locations he has always dreamed of using to make a young lady pregnant. A few weeks later, she is blessed with news about something she'll be able to love and care for.

Elizabeth Meadows
hr min
9 December
Happy Light Press

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