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Do you constantly find Netflix and Hulu keeping you attached to your couch? Are you struggling to make the short hours of the day work for you? Do you frequently ponder why you never get things done on time? Are you one that gets into avoidable predicaments often because procrastination seems to always have control over your wheel of life?

If any or all of these questions apply to you and the life you are currently living, then I am glad you have stumbled across this audiobook! It is time to challenge everything you believe your life is at this very moment. I am here to show you that there is always room for improvement to make the best better. 

Procrastination has a funny way of sticking to your life like that pesky lump of gum to your shoe. No matter how many motivational books you read, no matter the action you take or the lists you create and swear you will finish, it tends to have more power over us than we realize. 

Within this book you will learn:   

Why procrastination holds such power over our lives
Ways to measure levels of procrastination
Why we tend to use procrastination as an aversion to getting further into our futures
Why habits and self-discipline are vital parts of kicking out procrastination from our lives
How to break habits that fuel procrastination
A collection of resources and tips that will help you to ease and eventually erase procrastination
And more!

Don't you owe it to yourself to live a life that you will be proud to look back on one day? Are you ready to feel like you have control over your life instead of giving your power to procrastination? If you are lost in finding ways to gain the willpower and self-discipline you need to succeed, then the valuable information in this book is just the resource you need at your fingertips to keep going in the right direction! 

It is time to take back your life.

Benjamin McLean
hr min
29 January
David Panfilo

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