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Food can Fix It: The Superfood Switch to Fight Fat, Defy Aging, and Eat Your Way Healthy by Mehmet Oz - Book Summary - Abbey Beathan

Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book.)

Discover the healing powers of food and see how it can dramatically change your life.

What if I told you that every bite we take holds the solution to our health problems? I am guessing you would be relieved because it implies that you can effortlessly improve a ton of aspects in your life and it's true! Nutrition holds a bigger power than you might think and if you play your cards right, you can completely change your life just by tweaking your eating regime.

(Note: This summary is wholly written and published by Abbey Beathan. It is not affiliated with the original author in any way)

No matter how old you are, no matter how much you weigh, you can still control the health of your body." - Mehmet Oz

With an infinite variety of food to eat, it might be overwhelming to see what you should eat in order to dramatically improve your health. But Mehmet Oz is here to assist and point you in the right direction. The only thing you need to do is stick to the instructions delivered by him and you'll be well on your way to feeling fantastic. You'll also learn how to fight off a lot of diseases without any medication, just food. There is a lot to learn but Dr Mehmet Oz delivers a clear and simple guide to improving your overall health.

Who says every disease has to be fought with medications? If you eat right, food can and will fix it.

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13 January
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