Sweet Noel — Noel: Anderson Heirs, Book 1 (The Andersons, Book 13) (Unabridged) Sweet Noel — Noel: Anderson Heirs, Book 1 (The Andersons, Book 13) (Unabridged)

Sweet Noel — Noel: Anderson Heirs, Book 1 (The Andersons, Book 13) (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $23.99

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The Andersons are a family we all want to be a part of. What could make them even better...a lost family member they didn’t know about until right now.... Dive into this new romance in the Anderson Series.

Noel’s world has been flipped upside down, sideways, and backwards all at the same time. She loses her sister and mother within a year...and gains custody of her beautiful niece and nephew. Everything is as good as it can be...until a stranger shows up at her door to tell her that her sister has a family that just found out about her, and they want to meet the children. The thing is, the way she reacts to the messenger makes her hot and bothered...and she doesn’t have time for that in her life. She will, however, do what it takes to protect her niece and nephew...even if that means she’s uncomfortable.

Ryder Berkley is content with his life. He has the world in his hands, is successful, has great friends, and gets what he wants when he wants it...that is until he meets Noel. He volunteers to bring her to the Andersons, but he isn’t expecting the strong reaction he feels toward this woman. He doesn’t want forever, and with anyone related to the Andersons, it’s forever or nothing at all. It doesn’t help that Joseph Anderson seems to want him and Noel together. That means he should run for the hills as fast as he can...it just seems he’s lost his running shoes.

This is the first book in The Anderson Heirs Series by New York Times Best Selling Author Melody Anne. Some of your favorite characters from the Anderson series is back as Joseph Anderson’s grandchildren grow up. He’s ready for them to find their forever spouses so he can have plenty of great-grandchildren. Come back and visit with Joseph, Lucas, Alex, Mark, and Jasmine Anderson as they all help guide Noel and Ryder to their happily ever after....

Teri Clark Linden
hr min
1 June
Falling Star Publications LLC