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The world needs a strong America, and America needs an economic revival after the Coronavirus season of shutdowns. Can the playbook that resulted in the greatest job market in history put Americans back to work?

From the first moments of his presidency, Donald J. Trump put US economic revival at the top of his agenda. Cutting red tape and slashing business tax rates made companies eager to locate in America again. A surge in corporate investment led to record numbers of US job openings.

But there was also another force at work at the start of the Trump era, and it’s impossible to provide a fair accounting of Trump’s governance without noting the unique obstacles he’s faced. The President’s critics styled themselves “The Resistance,” as if they were confronting a tyrant at the head of an invading army rather than their duly elected President. Much of the media establishment regularly—and wrongly—accused him of betraying the country. Most disturbing was the resistance movement inside government, formed even before the 2016 election, which unleashed unprecedented surveillance against Donald Trump.

The political and media warfare has never ended. Just as an impeachment case collapsed in the Senate earlier this year, the world was beginning to realize how large a threat the Chinese communist government had become—and what it had been hiding in Wuhan. The destruction caused by the coronavirus is the latest and greatest test for the Trump prosperity agenda.

Once again the health and wealth of the world depend on US leadership for economic revival. This is the story of the man US voters chose to lead in 2016 and will soon consider to lead again.

Maria Bartiromo
hr min
27 October
Simon & Schuster Audio

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rhitc ,

Cost benefit ratio

Both American. Ms B is a conservative television anchor on the Fox Business network, and author of several books on finance and politics. Now early 50s, she joined Fox in 2013, but has never claimed, or admitted, to have been sexually assaulted by Roger Ailes. Prior to that was at CNN for 5 years, then CNBC for 20 years. In other words, she's worked on both sides of the great divide that is today's America. Multiple awards for journalism and the third inductee into the cable news hall of fame. (Who knew that was even a thing?) The female finance guru journalist played by Olivia Munn in the Aaron Sorkin penned series The Newsroom is supposedly based partially on Ms B. Not only that, Joey Ramone wrote a song titled "Maria Bartiromo" that appeared on a solo album released posthumously in 2002.
Mr F is an American journalist specialising in economics, and assistant editorial page editor of the Wall Street Journal, which means he works for Rupert, which in turn means Kevin Rudd probably hates his guts. Make of that what you will. He's of strong American conservative stock though, his father having once been editor of William F Buckley's National Review. Any resemblance between conservatism a la Buckley and Trumpism is purely coincidental.

Random Notes
This came out the week before the election. While conceding the many failings of POTUS45 as a human being, the authors enumerate the successes of his administration in business and finance. i.e. as a result of Trump's tax changes and regulatory reform reducing business red tape, American firms went gangbusters, investing and hiring like never before. The US unemployment rate immediately pre-Covid was the lowest ever recorded with more blacks and Hispanics in work than ever before. Financially speaking, minorities did a whole lot better under Trump than under Obama.
The authors do a convincing job of debunking the whole Russiagate thing, tearing the FBI a new one for initiating a covert investigation of Trump and his people on the casual remarks allegedly made to our own Alexander Downer in a London wine bar. Ms B clearly got a bee in a bonnet, and investigated the hell out of it. Apparently, our spooks had a look at what Downer had to say, and decided not to pass it on via Five Eyes because they thought it lacked credibility. (I feel the same way about Alexander Downer myself.)

Bottom line
Whether you believe the authors' contentions or not will depend on which side of the political fence (or wall) you inhabit. However, this is not an unsubstantiated Trumpian tweet storm. Rather, hard economic data is supplied in support, while the authors employ solid, well-referenced, investigative journalism to expose the lack of evidence upon which the FBI based their investigation, and the political and liberal media compliance associated.

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