The Fallen Woman The Fallen Woman

The Fallen Woman

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    • $23.99

Publisher Description

'Stare that beast down, Jane. Confront it. Risk everything to win everything that matters to you.'

Botanical artist Jane Saville is devastated when her manipulative mother banishes her to the countryside to cover up a sin committed by her sibling. Isolated far from home, she is forced to live an impoverished, secretive life to save the family public shame.

Guy Attwood is heir to a fortune, but prefers his quiet passion for rare-apple hunting to building the family's business empire. As one final quest before succumbing to his duty, he sets out to find a critically endangered apple species that he dreams of gifting to his friend, the soon-to-coronated George V.
When the paths of these two people from very different worlds collide, Jane begins to hope for a future filled with joy. But when an evil relative resurfaces, it will be a beloved young boy who will inspire her courage, and help her prove the triumphant power of love.

Set in the picturesque English countryside, in a forgotten orchard and beneath the ancient spire of Salisbury Cathedral, this is a heart-wrenching story about a woman who finds that in her darkest hour she can harness her greatest strength.

1 October
Penguin Random House Australia