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Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blyton's most popular series.

A mysterious light on Kirrin Island, a stolen safe, a bag hidden in the woods, a runaway horse, dog thieves, a Christmas Eve robbery - they all mean a whole lot of fun for The Famous Five! Read all about their exciting adventures in this delightful collection of short stories.

Short stories included: Five have a puzzling time; George's hair is too long; Good old Timmy!; A lazy afternoon; Well done, Famous Five!; Five and a half-term adventure; Happy Christmas, Five!; When Timmy chased the cat!

(P) Hodder Children's Books 2007

Kids & Young Adults
Full Cast
hr min
1 June
Hachette Children's Group

Customer Reviews

JagoRay ,

Famous 5 collection of 8 stories

Great recordings; superb voices and very well read. My son loves them all and we have trouble choosing which story to listen to each night. They are easy to flick through from one to another to make our selection. You can pause and continue the next night from where you left off. The sound effects and background noises are very realistic; it's a treat to find such brilliant stories so well told. A must for any child from 4 years onwards

monjazz ,

Famous Five Story Collection of 8 Stories

Fun stories but very frustrating that you cannot skip from story to story, and while if paused on the ipod, you can return to where you were, you cannot skip ahead.

Gruffalofan ,


I love the character voices and descriptions. I enjoy how the Five always run into problems and by the end they get them sorted. The dog barking and George telling him off is entertaining.

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