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Random House presents the audiobook edition of The Fox by Frederick Forsyth, read by David Rintoul.

The master storyteller is back with a classic race-against-time thriller with a modern edge.

Most weapons do what you tell them. Most weapons you can control.

But what if the most dangerous weapon in the world isn’t a smart missile or a stealth submarine or even an AI computer programme?What if it’s a 17-year-old boy with a blisteringly brilliant mind, who can run rings around the most sophisticated security services across the globe, who can manipulate that weaponry and turn it against the superpowers themselves?How valuable would he be? And what wouldn’t you do to get hold of him?

The Fox is a race-against-time thriller across continents to find and capture, or protect and save, an asset with the means to change the balance of world power. Whatever happens he must not fall into the wrong hands. Because what follows after that is unthinkable…

Crime & Thrillers
David Rintoul
hr min
20 September

Customer Reviews

ausisteve ,


I've read about 7 books over xmas and this one left me quite deflated.A pretty basic story line, an old cagey spy up to his old tricks and a lack of intrique didn't do it for me.

Trainman04 ,

Not really convincing

This Forsyth thriller is probably the weakest of them all. The attempt to connect old fashioned espionage and aging spies with high tech cyber crime just doesn’t work. There is too much of a gap here. The story is lacking credibility on the technical side and while the good old special ops services are being portrayed in all their glory that part could perhaps be excused by the author’s patriotism.

Te story line itself could be interesting but the reader never gets a chance to see behind the magical wizard teen that has the ability to break into each and every system of every rogue regime on this planet. We are supposed to just accept his skills and instead focus on old fashioned spy and special ops action amidst the old east/west fight for world dominance. Granted the story uses real world scenarios and links itself to activities that did go down not long ago. As such it makes for entertaining reading but don’t expect any real cyber crime, high tech computer warfare. The author has instead decided to just use that part as an entry point to what leads to just another spy story between old foes and semi retired agents.

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