The Greatest Secret

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New Book by International Bestselling Author Rhonda Byrne.

Once you know, freedom is yours.

The Greatest Secret, the long-awaited major work by Rhonda Byrne, lays out the next quantum leap in a journey that will take the reader beyond the material world and into the spiritual realm, where all possibilities exist.  The book reflects Rhonda’s own journey, and shares the most direct way out for those experiencing hardship and the path to end pain and suffering endured by so many, and shines a light on a future without anxiety or fear. Filled with accessible practices that can be immediately put to use and profound revelations that take the reader on an incomparable journey, Rhonda’s discovery is reinforced throughout by the revelatory words of sages from around the world, past and present.

‘The Secret showed you how to create anything you want to be, do, or have. Nothing has changed – it is as true today as it ever was. This book reveals the greatest discovery a human being can ever make, and shows you the way out of negativity, problems, and what you don’t want, to a life of permanent happiness and bliss.’ – From The Greatest Secret

About the author

Rhonda Byrne began her journey with The Secret film, viewed by millions across the planet. She followed with The Secret book, a global bestseller, available in over 50 languages and with 35 million in print worldwide. The Secret has remained on the New York Times bestseller list for over 200 weeks and counting. It was named by USA Today as one of the top 20 bestselling books of the past 15 years. Rhonda continued her groundbreaking work with The Power in 2010, also a New York Times bestseller, and available in 45 languages with nearly 4 million copies in print worldwide. The Magic was released in 2012 and there are over 1 million copies of this New York Times bestseller in print. Hero, published in 2013, is also an international bestseller available in over 40 languages worldwide.

Rhonda Byrne
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24 November

Customer Reviews

Happybanana ,

The Background Music is So Distracting

I really want to listen to what Rhonda has to say, she’s my favourite and love her previous audiobooks The Secret, The Power, and The Magic. But this audiobook’s music is so loud and distracting that her voice is drowning from the music. I can’t get past 5 minutes of listening every time and I literally fall asleep while listening coz of the music. I hope they change the volume of the background music so I can concentrate on what Rhonda is saying.

Natalina♥️ ,


Paid for ... but Can only read it once.
Why? It needs to be read over a few times to get the full impact.

Jadeyfw ,

Great book but now I’ve finished it, it won’t replay

I’m very sad to see that this book won’t replay. It’s sat on my library doing nothing, and I don’t want to purchase it again - because I’ve already paid for it once!