The Heart Healing Journey: Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life (Unabridged) The Heart Healing Journey: Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life (Unabridged)

The Heart Healing Journey: Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $23.99

Publisher Description

A 28 day experience to transform your heart.

Are you living a life that is fully alive from the heart? In a world where many are just looking to get by in life, a remnant is crying out for more. They desire to live free from a heart that is fully alive to God and awakened to the transformation that is available to them. Are you aware that your heart needs healing?

The reason you may be struggling in certain areas of your life is because your heart needs to experience healing, so that love and truth can have a greater work in your life. This audiobook will outline what a heart journey looks like, so you can break through some of the hindrances that don’t seem to budge. Are you passionate for personal transformation? Do you want to get to the root issues of your heart so that you can experience the change and transformation you were destined for? Then The Heart Healing Journey is the audiobook for you.

In this audiobook, Mark will use over 25 years of personal experience helping people in teaching you the keys to walking in greater wholeness. If you have a passion to let your heart experience greater love and healing, then get ready for adventure! The life of the heart is involved with everything that happens in your life. Yet it is one of the most neglected areas that people address. We might work overtime on our physiology with exercise or nutrition. Or we may develop the capacity of our minds to learn new information and gain more knowledge. But have we been trained to live powerfully from a healthy heart life? Do we even know what that means?

In this series of simple, yet straightforward recordings, Mark will walk along side of your journey and encourage you to live with a heart that is fully alive, while experiencing the healing that your heart needs. Now is your time to stop going through the motions and invite God to breath life into your heart.

Mark DeJesus
hr min
7 November
Turning Hearts Ministries International