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From one of Australia's most popular comedians.

Judith Lucy has been cracking jokes about her parents for years. But when a birth relative's casual comment implied that she despised them, Judith was shocked. Sure, she had been talking about Ann and Tony Lucy like they were one-dimensional Irish nutbags who'd ruined her life for years, but there was always more to them and her own feelings than that. So Judith decided it was time to write the full story of her parents and her childhood. And here it is, a reference book on all things Lucy from: A is for Adopted (she is) to C is for Cleaning (they didn't) and for Counselling (you'll find out why she had a lot of it) to D is for Diets (she was put on one at eight) to H is for Heart Attack (her father's) to M is for Make Up (her father's) to N is for Nuts (there was a falling out over testicles) to R is for Review (to do with Nuts) to T is for Transcendental Meditation (it didn't work) to X is for Xmas (when a lot of this started) and beyond...

In amongst the gags Judith explores the people her parents were and the impact of finding out - at twenty-five - that she was adopted. We meet Judith's birth mother but learn that ultimately it was her very unusual parents who made her who she is today.

The Lucy Family Alphabet is funny and ruthlessly honest, but also a moving tribute to the lunatics who raised one of Australia's best-known comedians.

Biographies & Memoirs
Judith Lucy
hr min
14 May
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Customer Reviews

Shiraz 49 ,

Forget the book .... JUST BUY THE ALBUM

An absolute riot (and only half way through it).
So much more enjoyable hearing it in Judith's own voice. If you like her live performances you'll love this ...... buy and enjoy.

Gerkhin ,

Great book

I just finished listening to it. I found it very enjoyable. I loved the underlying warmth and self-awareness. It is an insightful account of growing up in an odd but also loving family. It is Judith's journey of increasing awareness of the dysfunction which is her life yet it is phrased in a humerous and accepting way. I finished it feeling philisophical, and with a sense of " OMG and I thought my family was bad!'. Every one should be able to relate to the stories within the book. A rich and fulfilling read.

Geriboi ,

I didn't want it to end !

Simply fantastic ! I ended up only listening to a little bit at a time to make it last!

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