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Encounter the heart of God.  

The Passion Translation is a new, heart-level Bible translation that expresses God’s fiery heart of love, merging the emotion and life-changing truth of God’s word. The goal of this translation is to trigger inside every listener an overwhelming response to the truth of the Bible, unfolding the deep mysteries of the scriptures in the love language of God, the language of the heart.   

Bible features include:

In-depth footnotes that include insightful study notes, commentary, word studies, cross references, alternate translations, and more
Extensive introductions and outlines for each book

“All you thirsty ones, come to me! Come to me and drink! Believe in me so that rivers of living water will burst out from within you, flowing from your innermost being just like the Scripture says!” (John 7:37-38)  

“Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on the altar and wait for your fire to fall upon my heart.” (Psalm 5:3)  

“I continue to pray for your love to grow and increase more and more until it overflows, bringing you into the rich revelation of spiritual insight in all things. And with this revelation you will come to know God fully as he imparts to you the deepest understanding of his ways.” (Philippians 1:9)

Religion & Spirituality
Brian Simmons
hr min
22 June
BroadStreet Publishing Group, LLC

Customer Reviews

Goode times ,

Having the word read over you 🙌🏼

I loved listening to TPT, I heard different things that if I was reading which I was too! I didn’t notice the same. So God just really used it to speak ✨

MattyMoose97 ,

The passion translation

I absolutely loved this interpretation of the text , flipping brilliant. Sadly though the music accompanying the narration was extremely repetitive and for me personally it was akin to someone scraping there nails down a blackboard. I sincerely hope an updated version is released with music that ignites passion instead of quenching it.

tdp196868C ,

Very difficult to find verses/chapters

Although I wanted to like this bible because the translation is new and fresh, I was unable to find specfic verses or even chapters as the whole New Testement is broken up into about 6 "chapters" of 8-11 hours each. I tried to get a refund as the lack of bible chapters made it usable for me but Apple would not give me a refund. The was my first Apple book and I won't be buying books again from Apple. Audible, who I usually purchase from, would have given me a refund.

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