The Vagus Nerve & the Polyvagal Theory: 3 Books Collection: An Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Nervous System and Practical Exercises to Treat Anxiety, Depression, and Stress (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $23.99

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Are anxiety and stress a barrier to enjoying your life? Do you not hate it when depression takes over? 

You’re not the only one with these problems. At least, 70 percent of people surveyed say that they have experienced stress and found it hard to cope with. This is not surprising, and it is explained with polyvagal theory. Polyvagal theory looks at how we read our environment and respond to it based on a “threat assessment” that tells us whether we need to be stressed or not. But knowing this, how we make it useful to our lives, “vagus nerve” is the key to put it into practice. 

In this three-book collection, The Vagus Nerve & The Polyvagal Theory, you'll find the ultimate guide to understanding the nervous system and practical exercises to treat anxiety, depression, and stress, you will learn exactly all of that. 

In book one, Daily Vagus Nerve Exercise, you will find:

The functions of the vagus nerve which holds the secret of your holistic health 
The important relations between the vagus nerve and the parasympathetic system
How improving your vagal tone can prevent inflammation

In book two, Activating Vagus Nerve Workbook, you’ll discover:

A complete four-week plan to guide you and teach you how to activate your vagus nerve
An overview of what the vagus nerve is, in a simple language
Twenty-five questions to help you identify vagus nerve-related afflictions that you might be suffering from

In book three, Polyvagal Theory to Practice, you’ll discover:

How the theory can help you regulate stress
How trauma and PTSD develop
What stress does affect your relationships
Basics of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
And much more!

It is time to take back control of your life. By understanding the inner works of your mind and body, you can bring your emotional responses back under control and navigate your life more efficiently. 

If you’re ready to learn about the magic of vagus nerve and the theory behind “polyvagal theory”, click “buy now”.

Sam Logsdon
hr min
28 July
Liberty Publishing LLC