To me, perfect India To me, perfect India

To me, perfect India

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My house side has every type of energy. We should search our life around the house, not in the world. This is my biggest mistake. But it has a story of fate. Who will work properly with everyone. I go beside, I say, Nam BABA ( Yes Dad). After one month, I said with hand hint, BABA, I want a mobile phone. Hand put on ear like mobile phone. Although, I know the mother and Father words in Arabic ( BABA and MAMA). I say by hint, I want to call BABA. Put MY hand on my ear, three or four times, say BABA...BABA… …..BABA…. .BABA…...BABA…
In my old house only burning kerosene lamps. Who was made by mom. I mean all the facilities weren't. Yet my father was always happy.
Some days I took a rest. I met friends in the village. Walk in all the streets of my village. My father did use words of welcome when he met anyone like Hindu, they said, Jai Rama. With Muslim people As Salamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatahu. As I was used forever. In my village, there were hated people, arrogant people, jealous, adult boys who were naughty, hooligans, and romantic.
But don't problems don't disturb anyone, they know that the government gives the same power to the poor or rich.
And the most important thing from grandfather to grandfather is to live and die. Forefathers is an introduction. They can solve their problems.
Everyone has a citizenship. They have the same rights. If there are any problems.
Dad's advice I didn't accept. Because I want to see many people in different places. It is my most favorite hobby. Such as, London, Hong Kong, UAE, New York, Katmandu, etc. I have no money but have a dream about it.
At night I lost my green dream. Who makes me foolish during this time? And word out of the heart, Alas, I took birth in London. Alas, I was born in the Tata Family, either Mukesh Ambani. Alas, I took birth in an Indian leader's house.
All of the above thoughts, that I am not sad in my life.
How good, if I live already rich? I buy all my desired things.

Mod Farookh
hr min
9 September
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