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Immediate Results, Lose Weight and Get More Energy Are you serious about losing weight? Have you struggled with diets?.. .But you Lose Weight and it always comes back? If your struggling, overweight and can't lose fat then this book will show you how. Obesity is a complex disorder involving an excessive amount of body fat. But it isn't just a cosmetic concern. It also increases your risk of diseases and health problems. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death. The root cause of Obesity and related illnesses include genetics (parents passing on a tendency to gain weight to children), psychological reasons (eating when stressed), culture, and society (people are encouraged to eat too much) may play a role. But There Is Hope. You can reduce your weight and lose fat through simple lifestyle hacks that are scientifically-proved. These are based entirely on human studies and backed by solid research. Simple things like eliminating sugar or planning meals will help you to lose the fat and keep it off. Not only will you be slimmer, you will look younger, have much more energy, focus and optimism. Your relationship with food will significantly change for the better. In this book, you will learn; The Risks of Obesity The Importance of Portion Control Obesity and Hormones Debunking Myths About Obesity Role of Diet, Medication, and Surgery In The Treatment of Obesity Whether Meal Substitutes, Artificial Sweeteners, and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Products Are Effective In Treating Obesity The Good and Bad Foods Tips For Healthy Eating And Much, Much, More…. So, what are you still waiting for? Come with me and let's delve deeper into understanding obesity and how to shed off that extra fat for a healthy body!

Betty Johnston
hr min
12 August
Author's Republic